Old House Hotel

Stocking Up in a Foodie’s Paradise

If you’re staying at The Old House, it is likely that you’ll be dining in at some point or maybe the whole time!  You might crave a quiet morning with breakfast in bed or a happy hour in your room enjoying locally-made wine, cheeses and meats.  Perhaps movie night by the fire with a local brew paired with popcorn dressed with special salt is your idea of a great autumn night.


My advice is to make your first stop, after checking in, a quick walk to the new Thrifty’s grocery store which is something like “Whole Foods meets your local grocery store.”  In fact, if I had a dime for every person who has said this is the best Thrifty’s in British Columbia I would be a rich woman.  This delightful escape just opened recently, and is kitty corner to the Old House. (Below, I recommend an enjoyable alternate route rather than through the intersection.) Or you can have them delivered to your door.

There is much to highlight in this Thrifty’s to beat all Thrifty’s, but the five big surprises here are:

  • Ready-to-go food: Choices include a healthy smoothie bar, Starbucks, sushi and pizza.
  • Natural Products: This health food and natural products department is filled with great items; some you would never find in the States.
  • Fill-your-container stations: Pour your own healthy peanut butter, infused oils and vinegars
  • Bigtime organic: You’ll love their organic selections of meat, citrus, other produce, breads and tons more.
  • Bulk everything! Less waste and packaging and you take only what you need.

I love the products they love. Among those they support are:

  1. BC First: Thousands of products in their stores are locally grown.
  2. Fair Trade: They value social and environmental responsibility.
  3. Sustainable Seafood: As a Westcoast company, they know that our world’s oceans and seashores are spectacular but fragile, plentiful but limited, so they support sustainable seafood from shore to store.

You also won’t want to miss their fantastic selection of coconut and milk ice creams or the flower shop that begs you to take a few blossoms home to personalize your room. No doubt there are other great little shops in Courtenay and Comox featuring local fare, but if you want to spend less time shopping and more time exploring, this store will not disappoint.  Check it out!

 Directions from your room to Thrifty’s: I suggest not going toward the intersection, but instead, walking out the front door of the building where you checked in. Turn right and walk past the Dentist office until you come to the walking trail. Turn left on the sidewalk.  Follow it under the bridge and immediately turn left again which takes you past Rexall Drugs. Cross the street Riverside Road, into the Thrifty’s parking lot.

Outside The Old House Front Door
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