Old House Hotel

Free Breakfast Buffets, No Thanks!

There for a while, when our kids were small and we were choosing a hotel, we’d search for the ones with a free breakfast. At first glance, those spreads looked scrumptious. But once they got to my fork, the cold scrambled eggs, processed syrup, tasteless melon and sugary cereals left me unfulfilled and feeling a little guilty serving it to the kids. I might have experienced one or two free hotel breakfasts in my lifetime that were amazing; but even then, though they were complementary, I am sure I paid for it with my room rate.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about breakfast. And at the Old House Hotel & Spa, I was glad to discover there is every option but a free breakfast buffet. At this all-suite hotel, stocking up my own kitchenette and selecting my own breakfast fare from the nearby Thrifty’s grocery store or Edible Island Natural Foods allows me to wake up and enjoy the morning in my homey room or on my deck.

And if I am up for a walk with the dog, I can satisfy my craving for Starbucks and their bite-sized egg whites and almond milk lattes by simply crossing the street. Just inside Thrifty’s there’s a smaller Starbucks too, but I prefer the one with umbrellas and a place to secure my pup.

I am also a sucker for finding the local “Best-eggs-in-town” café. As the Courtenay story goes, the best eggs benny on the island are served at the Hen & Hog Café. Like most local hotspots, it’s small and lines are part of the experience, but the food is more than worth the wait. And the line generally moves quickly, so Hotel guests are rarely disappointed.

Old House HotelIf you’re tight on time, the hot beverage machine in the Hotel lobby serves up an amazing selection of hot drinks. Fresh cream is in the fridge! Plus, there’s always a bowl of fresh fruit, so you can grab an orange or apple if you’re on the run. I’m told you can pre-order a small breakfast box as well!

So there you have it. No need to grumble about “no free breakfast.” Celebrate the choices and no thawed danish and cold bacon buffets!