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Discover Treasures from Weinberg’s Good Food

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It figures that if you’re looking for cool gifts, best to go to where the selection is huge right? Well, actually not always. In fact, one of my favourite places to find gifts for friends and family (and myself) and great healthy groceries, is a goldmine of a shop … not far from the Old House. Do not be deceived, it offers way more than delicious food choices and supplies.

Weinberg’s Good Food is located next to the Denman Island Ferry Terminal, just 15 or 20 minutes south of the Old House, on the Old Island Highway. But you have to look for it. If you drive around the back of PetroCanada, there you’ll find what appears to be a tiny produce shop from the outside. But once inside, it’s like entering the wardrobe in the story Narnia: there’s a whole new world of delights.

I suggest ordering an Americano or one of their amazing coffees to sip while browsing. It will take several trips around the store to take it all in — handmade lotions and creams, locally sewn tunics, candles, oils, hats, deli items and lots more. Two of my favourites: scrubbing pads and Abeego beeswax bowl covers (to replace plastic, pictured right). img_2451Recently I took friends from the States there before heading to Denman Island, and they loaded up on these items to take back home for presents. Never have I left this store without an armful of items and delicious treats to fill my refrigerator. Old House guests will love choosing delectable treats to add to their kitchenette supplies. Just in time for the holidays, Weinberg’s is featuring a variety of six beautiful new teas blended in collaboration with the Native Friendship Center. All are made with local ingredients and stored in gorgeous tins almost as wonderful as the tea.  Such excellent gifts!

I am often amazed how retailers such as Weiberg’s Good Food can find just the right combination of items that make shopping a true experience.  Check them out on your next Comox Valley visit.For directions, new items and hours, follow Weinberg’s Good Food on Facebook.