Old House Hotel

Bring Back Memories and Pottery!

My house is a collection of pottery from special places around the world. It’s not worth millions, but each piece is a treasure, and I’ve loved unpacking them after every move! In fact, just a few weeks ago, I stuffed two pieces in my large purse (thanks to Hides in Hand specializing in washable, beautiful Canadian-made bags and slippers) when frequenting the famous “Tour de Clay” outside of Tampa, Florida.

Back in May, I brought home the most amazing Scott Beardsley casserole casserolewhile on the Denman Island Pottery Studio Tour with a friend. I loved that experience as much as the purchase, as I drove down the picturesque private drive for a mile or so. When I got there, the studio was open, and the sign read— more or less —”Enjoy. If you purchase something, leave a check!” (Rumour has it that, sadly, after decades of no incidents, security cameras now had to be installed.)

Our island and surrounding ones are home to hundreds of potters. In fact, here in the Comox Valley, we are super proud or ours. If you love pottery and art, but you’re visiting in the winter and don’t have the time to explore the backroads to the studios, you might want to check out the Potters Place right here in Courtenay. It is the largest ALL CLAY gallery on Vancouver Island featuring functional, decorative and sculptural pieces each month. The artist whose works are available at the Potters Place all live in and around the Comox Valley — or what many locals here call it —“The Pottery Mecca of Vancouver Island.”

potterplace-header-1080x280ishThe Potters Place Gallery and Shop is just a short walk from The Old House and is nestled in the Potters Courtyard on the corner of 5th and Cliffe Streets. I am certain you’ll be thrilled with the selection of dinnerware, teapots, casseroles, vases, drinking vessels and so much more, all fired by a variety of techniques: Salt and Soda, Pit Firing, Raku, Wood firing and Crystalline.

Maybe a nice mug for hot chocolate or a Spanish coffee to enjoy in your Old House suite is the thing. Or maybe a soap dish for one of the great locally made soaps you might have purchased would be fun. A vase for the flowers your partner got you? I know I’ll be heading there soon; our gravy boat just bit the dust… it’s a perfect excuse to go back to one of my favourite places. Have a look, you wont’ be sorry. You can find them on Facebook or www.thepottersplace.ca.



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