Old House Hotel
Old House Hotel
Show-Stopper Room Attendant

There is a secret to creating the ultimate hotel getaway for others, and you are the producer
who creates our warm and inviting sense of place. You like working independently, enjoy being
physically active, have an eye for detail and are a perfectionist. You might even find yourself
singing and dancing on the job, which is fine by your fellow production crew who will probably
join you! Every suite is yours to prepare so that the arriving guest applauds with “oohs” and
“ahhhs,” a great review or even a tip.

The Old House Hotel team of room attendants put on a show daily, dazzling their guests with a sparkling bathtub, a perfectly made bed, a fully equipped kitchen, spotless windows and
carpets vacuumed to perfection. What gets you out of bed in the morning is knowing you will
go to work in a place that cares about you, laughs with you, celebrates your successes and
appreciates your individuality. You can be as involved as you would like in how we practice
safety, green operations, and team events. While the pay is very competitive, you feel like
being at home in your workplace is priceless.