Old House Hotel
Old House Hotel
Night Owl Janitor/Laundry Person

Does working 9 to 5 sound great … if you’re talking 9 pm to 5 am? Some of us were born to be more productive at night. A person who loves a quiet, solitary environment, you enjoy the thought of others waking up to a fresh start. As our evening janitor and laundry attendant, you’re only one of two mice stirring at night at the Old House Hotel & Spa.  You’re the eyes and ears of our property, along with our night auditor, and our guests and team can sleep well knowing you’re keeping our public spaces clean and getting your housekeeping and Ohspa team a fresh supply of laundry for the morning.

Someone who enjoys physical work, you are also a neat nick!  You were born with cleaning equipment in your hands and have an incredible eye for detail as well as maintenance issues and items longing to be reunited with the guests that absent-mindedly left them.  You really are like an owl … precise in your vision, swift and steady, and wise beyond your years.

Sure, you’re a bit of a loner, but you also are a vital and respected member of our team and can enjoy contributing your ideas and observations as someone who has a very unique perspective on our hotel operations.

While the compensation package has recently been updated and is quite pleasing, you feel like being at home in our workplace is priceless. Note, the actual shift is 10 pm – 8 am!